EA185 - Matching Frequency


Hello Son,

Matching Frequency

To become good at a subject we have to learn the basics. Once we have become familiar and begin to understand, then we can move up to a higher level. This is because we can now apply our basic knowledge, and this has become our foundation.

Before any knowledge whatever the subject, a foundation has to be acquired.

In the spirit world we talk about matching the frequency, as the foundation of all vibrations is a wave and a frequency. When we tune into this frequency then we begin to understand, this is exactly the same as learning the foundation.

When we read a subject for the first time we need further reading to become accustomed to the language and terms. So in other words, to learn spirituality we have to learn the basic principles.

As the Creator has made everything easier for mankind to understand, this will not be a challenge as most would think. But dedication is needed to succeed to a higher level.

When we meditate we are actually matching the frequency of our focus; remembering that all light coming from your focus has a set frequency. This is also true when our focus is Ascended Masters to Prophets and the Creator.

It is why some people can only tune to their Ascended Masters and not others.

Do not let this be a hindrance; everyone can match the frequency of their higher self as it is communicating with you all the time, such that we have never realised this to an extent.

Oh mankind match the frequency to what you are focusing on, but remember read first and increase the foundation and understanding.

Once a subject has been familiarised then move onto further challenging reading.

Your mother; be aware of what is best for you as some methods will not be suited. If it feels right then it certainly is working for you.