EA184 - Mass Field Energy Meditation


Hello Son,

Mass Field Energy Meditation

Since 11-11-11 there has been an increase in the field energy around the world coming from the source, the Creator, as ordained in His plan for world awakening.

In your meditations it is advisable to visualize this energy circulating around your body and within; visualize this energy to stay with you where ever you go during the day or night.

Now feel this energy as no ordinary one but a mass field energy that is also circulating and intertwining all the world. This energy has a conscious and a vibration that mingles and connects with your own harmonic body frequency.

Slowly and slowly feel this energy being one with you and now feel the effects all over the body; in each cell and each part of the body. This energy now infuses within your heart and a sweet scent can be felt. Your mind is now opening up this new conscious awareness and you feel more at one with this mass field energy.

So much so it is becoming a part of you.

Feel the flow and the vibration as you to vibrate with this harmonic vibration. Feel the mind refresh and the body too. You feel invigorated and more alive than ever. Feel the negative energies and worries flow away, being replaced with positivity.

Do this meditation regularly when you want to revitalise yourselves.

Your mother; through meditation all answers can be found in silence.