EA183 - More and More


Hello Son,

More and More

As each day goes by, ask yourself would you swap with the lesser energies of ignorance? It was only a year or two when there was nothing new to your life and the grind of life’s routine.

If you look back the desire to learn is increasing and the desire for more information. More and more you read and acquire knowledge, the more the mind expands.

A new instinct and calm emotions are overtaking the mind, as you know the truth about the future. Yet do you really want to go back in time and know nothing as you once did, the answer for all of you is, no.

The changes are commencing for the better, and you can hear them on the news, slowly filtering through. This pace will increase as the brave will rid of their shackles and plunge themselves into the river of truth. Never will thy be afraid as they have become bold.

Today is the beginning of new information available to those who seek and want to ascend. It is out there so seek it out.

Today’s channelling around the world from the enlightened ones should be read to the full, because the information is for you. It is your journey they are discussing and how to shape your lives for the better.

Never again freedom will be lost and now it is replaced with a sweet scent of victory for mankind. Because of your patience over such a long time, on occasions it seemed like years when it was only months we were discussing these eventful times.

Now free your mind as you are all free and the time is coming shorter and shorter when the eventful changes will take place. You are indeed the lucky few who know.

Your mother; enlightening the enlightened, and waking the awakened; to face the unfaced, into the realms of even more future realms.