EA182 - Understanding Own Visions and Dreams


Hello Son,

Understanding Your Visions and Dreams

The people who are awake do not understand they are awake, because they compare themselves to others. They read other people's work and do not understand why their progress is so slow or why it is not happening to them.

However, there are many different ways to being awake as there are paths that lead to the Creator.

Every second or minute of the day an inspiration comes your way in your minds. This could be a sudden picture or a communicating voice advising you to do something. Often it is your higher consciousness working things out to a plan and waiting for you to do an action and make things happen.

We often do not realise by sitting still and continuously thinking away can ruin the inspiration and get you confused, as the logic mind conflicts with the higher self.

When we sit for example and watch TV, flashes and images race through the mind, as this sometimes triggers thoughts due to the influence of watching a program. These thoughts are analysing and working out meaning and adding their own conclusions to suitable outcome and how you do the same thing.

If you stop for a moment and reflect on your own self, you will all find that you are indeed awake consciously and subconsciously than ever before; even the way that you think and work things out. At an emotional level you are all coming to terms with all the emotions that have left you low or high.

Your minds have changed and you find that you are more emotionally stable than ever before and happier; it is because you know the truth.

But we are not slowing down and taking time out to listen, watch and hear our visions and dreams; it is they who are guiding you, and it is time we start analysing them for their meaning.

These chattering of the mind can be very informed advise, as long as you know the difference and are able to act upon them.

Listen and listen again over and over again, let your higher conscious be free. Say a prayer so that negative vibes do not flood in, but be positive which you all are.

Always do things in the name of God your Creator and He will guide you to more truths of yourselves.

Oh mankind you are all precious and He has never discriminated or shown how to discriminate with each other. Instead Has shown you His love.

Your are all part of a big jigsaw puzzle and an important one. Remember when you tried to complete a jigsaw puzzle and frustratingly you find that there is one piece missing, can you remember your emotions and anger after spending so much time? The Creator feels the same way but He has not lost the pieces but left us to solve those ourselves.

We often forget our purpose and are quick to criticise one another and oneself. There is no need, trust with a smile and trust again and make it a habit.

Let the beauty of your personality shine through and listen in silence to yourselves.

Your mother; to be awake is to listen to other's views and applying this to yourselves. Everyone has a opinion and it is only an opinion, until it becomes your own. Let the scent of these words be absorbed in your subconscious and let it smile in your heart.