EA181 - Enlightened Children


Hello Son,

Enlightened Children

It has always been the plan that mankind will rise again and be brought back to its glory, since the time of Adam; when the secret conversation first took place.

This ‘experiment’ of having mankind at his lowest vibration and intellect is coming to an end and daily people are awakening.

The last thirty years there has been a birth of enlightened children who are more awake than others. They are born and continue to be born to vibrate the new energies to further awaken the planet and mankind.

Their vibrations are tuned to the new frequency of Mother Earth as she moves closer to her final goal of full consciousness and awakening.

The children of today have a goal to perform, but most are totally unaware of this, to bring an end to the old customs, corrupted beliefs and ideas; this to be replaced with a clarity based on love, peace, harmony, equality and sharing.

The Modern youth are more boisterous than the past as they often demand to be heard, regardless of other people's feelings being hurt. Though they could have their say in a more approachable and courteous way, they need to be heard. Their ideas are to change the way we think and bring an end to disillusionment around the world.

It is they who are demonstrating around the world about politics to wealth and other things. They are bringing about the change and they are simply the catalyst for this movement.

Often parents are having difficultly understanding their views, but they too have an agenda which they whole heartedly trust. Their vigour comes from the clarity of thinking as their veil of lack of understanding is almost gone; hence they pick things up and learn incredibly easily compared to the last generations.

The children who are more awake than others and more spiritual inclined, are having an impact in this change. Their light and work can be read around the world and in the websites.

Oh mankind let them do the things that they want to do and guide them as best you can. Their speed of thinking is far greater so they analyse situations and events or even circumstances and consequences very quickly. As parents you know what your children are and some do not fit this criterion and are less awakened than others.

Nevertheless as parents you have an important role to guide, advise and listen through their upbringing. At the same time giving them space to find themselves and open their minds to the truth; as most are totally aware that they do not fit into the current systems of school and worldly atmosphere.

Your mother; the beacon of light is in every person some brighter than others, but the impact you have in the world is immense and you are continually loved in the higher spiritual world and all its levels and dimensions.