EA180 - 3rd Dimensional to 5th Dimensional Realms


Hello Son,

3rd Dimensional to 5th Dimensional Realms

This zone, realm of the third dimension is full of experiences which are necessary for the growth of mankind and the soul. This journey you are all aware of, does not need to be repeated again.

All of the things that weighed mankind down in the third dimensional realm will not exist, when you move into the fifth dimensional realm. There will be no needs or wants or even experiences for you to go through, simply is because you have graduated from this realm and have passed. So there will be no need.

There will be no time but timelessness which cannot be explained in this language or terms as there is no vocabulary for understanding possible. However, all things will be at an instant and things will be done immediately.

Your emotions will be controlled and positive as there will be no negativity or misery as in this world of chaos. There will be guidelines by your mentors or Ascended Masters and Prophets, who will train you, further in spirituality.

Mankinds aim has always been to meet its Creator and to do so we have to match his frequency; to do this perfection is necessary. It is why we have to control our mixed emotions to communicate with the higher realms, at the same time being mindful to what we say and do.

In the fifth dimensional realm there is oneness and love and a continuous feeling of bliss and happiness. All who graduate to this realm will willingly learn as it will be made easier.

There will be no loneliness or people criticising you, but groups of people free to help and play with each other.

You will feel ecstatic and joyful; simply you will know you have passed the graduation test.

Oh mankind visualise in silence this feeling.

Your mother; to understand yourself is to understand the people around you, they have needs too.