EA179 - Needs and Wants


Hello Son,

Needs and Wants

When a person is free from the torments of his mind then progress can be made. Sometimes these torments can be when you need or want something; and this desire keeps circulating inside your mind.

We sometimes have forgotten these needs are coming from our soul and are feeding this desire to your mind. When you are thinking constantly about the same thing it is because the soul keeps feeding the same thoughts to you.

To rid of this thought then; do the thing, buy the item or patch up with the person you have a problem with; then you are able to rid of this thought.

This also could be a worry of some thought.

In basic and plain words; sort the problem out immediately, do not let it circulate it inside your mind again. Otherwise the cycle will keep on repeating itself again and again.

Be at peace then changes can be done spiritually.

But this does not mean that your mind goes overtime and ‘you want this and that’ constantly. Then there are too many needs and wants, and this ultimately will slow your progress down and leave you in a mess of confusement.

Remember we want ourselves free from all restraints and in simple terms ridding the weight that is pulling us down.

Oh mankind understand yourselves so that progress in you can be made. Lighten the burden mentally and enjoy the happiness when you meet your Creator.

Your mother; free the mind to free your spirit