EA178 - Finding Your Way


Hello Son,

Finding Your Way

With so much information it is wise to take a step back and relax. Finding your own way and feeling peace is inside is the aim for everyone. The planet is changing and the impending catastrophes can make everyone down.

Remember the aim and that is ascension for mankind; so do not focus on unnecessary news that is going to continuously make you feel negative; instead change the channel or topic. Discuss positive issues and help those who are confused.

In an earlier channelling we have mentioned finding peace within yourself is necessary from the chaotic world, whether it be listening to music or through prayer. This is entirely up to you, but have a back up plan so that balance and positivity is your main character.

However, we do except in everyone’s lives situations do arise.

Now that the holiday period is over and more and more people are going back to work; it is advisable that making time for yourself is still important. This is because connecting to the source is the only way to succeed in finding your way and continuing on the path of complete enlightenment.

You too are finding your way and so is everyone else.

Oh mankind enjoy the nature around your area as so many have elected to stay at home. Change your scenery and go out and see a world which is full of beauty. Nature is full of positivity and it will feed the vibrations into your chakras and put them into balance.

If this is not possible, then look after your plants, and visualise that they are giving you positive vibrations and sit in silence with them.

Your mother; finding your peace on earth and follow your hearts desire.