EA177 - Connection to the Source


Hello Son,

Connection to the Source

Many people can be lost in prayer as they enjoy the experience of connecting by having the thought of the Creator inside their mind. But this is not being lost, but a worthy thing.

As you give prayers, contemplate, meditate, chant, read the Holy Book and sit in silence and have the Creator as your main thought, it is wise to do so at this time.

This continuous connection through these means, will lead many to the path of complete enlightenment; as this is the year to pray whatever method you feel comfortable with. This is the hour to do so; nothing can be more valuable at this time than anything else.

It is through your focus and visualisation that will lead you to further paths on your personal journey. If you all can keep this up, then you are all worthy.

Your presence and example others will follow.

There is no other worthy than those people who give so much time and effort finding themselves and perfecting others too.

The Creator is listening and watching over you all and giving signs where ever you look; because you made the effort and the first steps towards Him. He will not forsake you now, but will embrace you.

Spend time reading all the messages of the day, and read them again and again over the period of a week. They have spiritual weight to them all and will help you and others to give peace and harmony to your minds.

The third dimensional world is nothing but distractions, so be steadfast and face the correct way. The time will come quickly be patient and enjoy all the news to come.

Your mother; tapping into the source, will open branches of the mind to a new way of thinking and wisdom.