EA175 - Realign Your Chakras


Hello Son,

Realign Your Chakras

Stress, confusion, hatred, over thinking, jealousy, being negative, over talking, boasting and greed are the main causes of a misbalanced body. When this happens over a prolong period of time the chakras inside the body become imbalanced.

Another point it is like having a veil over your eyes and trying to read something, it is virtually impossible to workout the meaning.

Realign your chakras before the big event; this is your quest at this time and raising your vibrations. If it is necessary then see a specialist who can realign them for you.

If you are not at peace majority of the time and are still overstressed over little things then seek help and advice. There is no shame in this, because it is being honest with yourself. Do not suffer in silence; we have mentioned these words time and time again.

Honesty is necessary to move on spiritually towards your journey. Many of you are still holding on memories that are weighing you down unnecessarily. Whilst others are worrying about others; remember their path is not your own, but the end result is the same. Let go of others who plague your mind and disturb your balance and peace. Leave this to the Creator and concentrate on yourselves, but do give guidance when they ask.

Oh mankind these words are here to help you and we are proud that you have been reading them for so long; we are aware in your hearts that they have helped. As a result so many of you have woken up, NOW move onto the next level and demand more of yourselves. Seek wisdom in knowledge to expand your minds further. Start running in your spiritual journey, the Creator is helping you.

Your mother; in honesty and humility mankind will rise from his slumber and reach his goal of ascension.