EA174 - The Expanding Mind


Hello Son,

The Expanding Mind

Each time you read and begin to understand a spiritual topic, the mind expands. New light is shed on this topic and inspiration follows.

Has everyone reading these words changed their timetable?

Make time, we have said these words constantly over the last two years; because knowing what is going to happen and raising one’s vibrations are the most important things right now.

We advise everyone to watch the news as announcements of events are to follow, that will change people perceptions about the future. But remember your rise to the higher realms is important so spend time meditating.

The more you meditate and adopt this to your time table the more the mind will open up. In silence the mind communicates and guides you.

This year is very sacred, old prophecies have also mentioned this in the teachings, because they were wise people who predicted these end times of duality.

Be patient and forgive yourselves and others, do not dwell on past things or feel sorry for yourself. There is no time to spend thinking over unnecessary things, but look forward to an exciting future to come.

Yes there are still challenging times for some, but if you can take all of this in your stride, and overlook them, then things can easily be better. Be positive and stay in the light and communicate with people and share your views and ideas.

As time is accelerating you will find that sometimes you do not have time to think; however move with this time and anticipate the things around you. Be alert for signs in your life, from actions or what ever your are doing.

Have a link to the Creator and have Him in your mind always; by doing so positive and inspirational energy will follow.

Your mother, it is necessary for all of you to meditate and spend as much time as possible