EA173 - The Sun - Part 6


Hello Son,

The Sun - Part 6

I greet you with the name of the Creator who manifested His attributes inside my consciousness. I will communicate with you with the language that you will understand.

The light I shine also inspires and revitalises everything it touches, and there is no doubt. The seeds germinate into life and there life commences; this does not stop there as I continue to nurture them into a huge tree. My light continues to feed my energy into each and every plant.

My light includes Divine wisdom; this starts with inspiration and quickly giving rise to instinct, in the higher consciousness. Again, those who are more tuned than others are able to connect to the knowledge that will expand their mind.

Divine wisdom is the first language of mankind, it is judgement through action, it is instinct through decision making, it is thought through inspiration. This language is all in the conscious and subconsciousness without uttering a word.

The mind deciphers this language and quickly we become active and into life. But this is only one aspect of Divine wisdom, and again as a person moves up the spiritual ladder, more and more is revealed to him, and how much his body can tolerate.

All knowledge has power and needs time for the knowledge to permeate inside the body, so that inner strength and tolerance can be achieved. It is the reason why we are revealing this knowledge in stages.

When the knowledge of creation is revealed to a person his mind begins to expand further and wisdom follows. Every aspect of knowledge acts as a catalyst for other attributes to manifest.

As you type, the knowledge is manifesting inside of you whether you are able to access it or not, the command has already been given. However, you now have to tune to another frequency to read and interpret this knowledge.

It can only be given in stages and over a period of time.

Your Sun; giving you all but a glimpse of the power and knowledge I possess for all to learn and expand upon.