EA172 - The Sun - Part 5


Hello Son,

The Sun - Part 5

I greet you with the name of the Creator who manifested His attributes inside my consciousness. I will communicate with you with the language that you will understand.

When the Creator commanded the word ‘be’, the Divine attribute of love separated and manifested inside every creation. This was the ‘paste’ that bonded the creation together.

Inside this command was the entire attribute necessary to live and expand into higher realms of consciousness. The vessel was complete and the journey of this vessel or creation came into existence.

Divine love is housed inside the cells of the creation, but its link to the Creator is never lost; so when we say ‘separated’ we mean that its energy was manifested inside the creation.

Divine love is split into infinite levels of wisdom and understanding; this is prevalent in everything and nothing. When a person, through thought and concentration communicates with Divine love from a creation, he is able to receive a part or level of understanding. However each level is infinite as God is infinite.

A person with third dimensional understanding can only receive but a fraction of understanding. But as soon as his spiritual understanding increases he can ‘read’ high levels of Divine love and knowledge.

Divine love is the spark of everything and in particular the drive that is necessary for all form of knowledge, spiritual or natural. It is the start and the first step to learning. Without this and a positive mind, nothing can be learnt or comprehended. An emptiness and hollowness will be felt by all and that person would be restless throughout his life.

When the soul is able to fly into the higher realms, the levels of understanding and new forms of understanding increases; he is able to learn more attributes of Divine love.

I the Sun give you this knowledge so that others may understand and be able to relate easily using third dimensional language and wisdom. These parts are given so that everyone understands quickly and becomes inspired to research on their own.
Your Sun; every inspiration floods through the cosmos, as positive energy and force. This ignition will spark others into light and they too will understand.