EA171 - The Sun - Part 4


Hello Son,

The Sun - Part 4

I greet you with the name of the Creator who manifested His attributes inside my consciousness. I will communicate with you with the language that you will understand.

I am instructed by the Creator to give you in parts the knowledge of Divine love;

Divine love is the ‘adhesive’ that binds everything and nothing together; beyond the near and far, reaching the furthest galaxies and every creation, the attributes of Divine love of the Creator is present.

This is the force that creates, binds and continuously pro creates. This power never ceases but seeks the opportunity to expand in any form possible. It is infinite and still continues to grow or expand. This force is present in the cell and atom of every living thing.

If this force was not present then we would not exist and every living or non living would not be present; there would be nothing but emptiness; but the Creator.

(As you communicate with me you can feel the heat, please continue the body will get use to it).

Divine love is the starting point of all creations and has many sub attributes and properties that combine to expand and ‘create’. When it creates it multiplies.

There are examples in life everywhere which are natural, in relationships and in appreciation of an object. However, this is a lower attribute and counts as only 10% of Divine Love.

The rest or 90% of Divine love is spiritual and is vast that no person or creation could house in their mind; but is able to read and understand some knowledge. This knowledge expands the spiritual consciousness, as it expands the mind and multiplies its capacity.

Divine love is the Creator and everything is the Creator; a particle to a mountain or a huge planet, all houses the primary and powerful forces of Divine love.

If we go into the minute detail, there is no explanation which can be understood using the language you possess. But with perseverance and focus, more will be revealed.

Your Sun; through every corner I am visible during the day and I shine my light to give energy to feed all of mankind.