EA170 - The Sun - Part 3


Hello Son,

The Sun - Part 3

I greet you with the name of the Creator who manifested His attributes inside my consciousness. I will communicate with you with the language that you will understand.

I am the catalyst of every living thing; however, there are some creatures that you are unaware about that do not need my energy.

In the natural world I am a reminder of the might of the Creator as He fashioned me from His infinite knowledge with ease.

The Creator wishes to share with you that once all people’s chakras are aligned any knowledge to a certain level can be learnt. This process is similar to channelling, which is a direct download into the subconsciousness of the mind; another is through witnessing through meditation when my knowledge can be learnt.

The knowledge of Divine love and wisdom can be achieved when a person focuses on me over a period of forty days, on a daily basis; with no other focus in mind. However, some will be able to make a connection immediately.

The Creator has bestowed on me instructions to highlight that spiritual wisdom and knowledge gives rise to further leaps and bound of a person’s journey of the realms of the soul.

Such wisdom learnt give rise to further knowledge and then the cycle continues. As soon as a person stops he moves back a further step and loses his connection.

Any point of focus, for instance, a Saint, a Prophet, a creation or Ascended Master is essential for a period of time. Without a focus and a sponsor, knowledge cannot be learnt.

We also remind you that at the same time a person should be of good character and be responsible and be mindful to all of God’s creations.

Your Sun, a source of knowledge of creation, Divine love and Divine Wisdom.