EA169 - The Sun - Part 2


Hello Son,

The Sun - Part 2

I greet you with the name of the Creator who manifested His attributes inside my consciousness. I will communicate with you with the language that you will understand.

I have two roles, one is natural the other is spiritual.

The natural; most are familiar with and I will discuss the spiritual role; my light is the source of my energy and power. My light contains Divine love and wisdom of the Creator.

When a person is able to absorb the light, he absorbs these attributes of the Creator. When this manifests inside his body, then he is able to understand the attributes and the knowledge associated with this. The logical mind is able to listen to its higher and superior consciousness as the knowledge is able to unfold.

However, this can only be done with continuous focus on the main subject over a period of time. This is also true with other point of focuses.

My knowledge contains the creation of man; a person who has a greater connection can access this.

There a two types of people, one is able to tolerate my heat and light; and are able to withstand the rays of light without blocking its light; the other continues to hide from its rays and uses sun blocks, hats and other means to stop the light.

But there is no need if you are positive as my heat and light can be adjusted and tolerated by your own immune system. For example over periods of time like the people of Africa and the people who dwell in hot countries and deserts; are able to tolerate my light.

There is a need over a period of time to adjust yourself to my light; those who do not usually suffer from mental ailments as a result. I am able to heal all ailments but the person needs to be positive and believe in the Creator; as doubt blocks energies coming into the body and mind.

I am a symbol and a continuous reminder of the power of the Creator and His attributes of Divine love and wisdom. Those who wish to learn this knowledge need to focus on me and I will gladly share and teach my knowledge to them.

Your Sun, with the love of the Creator, I share my wisdom with you.