EA168 - The Sun - Part 1


Hello Son,

The Sun - Part 1

I am your source of light, the Sun, but I have many names dating back millions of your earth years.

I greet you with the name of the Creator who manifested His attributes inside my consciousness. I will communicate with you with the language that you will understand.

My role is to bring light to the entire universe and the attributes of the Creator. My other invisible role is to remind the universe the knowledge that is housed inside of me.

I will begin:

I am instructed to give you this knowledge and awareness. The Creator’s knowledge is vast and no person or extra terrestrial is able to house His entire knowledge. It is the very reason he has created so many things which you come into contact with in your daily lives.

When you look around, everything living or non living has a part of the Creators wisdom, where mankind can learn and listen to, using their own senses. There is no one person who is able to house the entire knowledge of the Creator; instead he has spread His knowledge over His creations all over the universe.

From far away places like other stars and suns to a speck of dust in your households, everything is alive and never a sleep. Wisdom and knowledge is everywhere, so that you may understand the source of the Creator and His might.

There is no doubt that there is nothing in all of the cosmos that is able to match His power, because He is everything and nothing. He created all things and everything your eyes can see and cannot see. Your thoughts which you entertain are coming from the same source, so He is even inside a germ or a cell inside of everyone. He never sleeps or gets tired, He is everlasting and infinite.

I the Sun is to remind mankind that there is even a bigger entity then me that is able to look after your daily needs. If this is not enough for you then the need can only be fulfilled when you find your Creator and meet him face to face. This thirst which you all have can only be quenched when you make a connection through your forth dimensional sense. As you do this the understanding and wisdom will follow.
Mankind will always feel incomplete and unsatisfied, wherever he will go, because inside of you all there is a voice that constantly reminds of you of this.

During these end times my role has been increased and is able to assist mankind to their greatest journey to the fifth dimensional realms. This will happen sooner than you think but the final date only the Creator knows and is all wise and knowing.

Though this is only a brief contact I will gladly be able to communicate with on a later date as you are tired.

Your Sun, housing the energies of the Creator and implementing His creative attributes to all of the cosmos. May my light shine into all of your hearts and that you seek the wisdom of your ancestors many thousands of years ago.