EA167 - The Sun - Spiritual Meaning


Hello Son,

The Sun - Spiritual Meaning

God created the world in twofold; for example a male and female, positive and negative, light and dark and so one; it is the reason why we call the earth duality.

This is also includes when we explain something because the interpretation can be of one using their conscious mind and the other using their higher conscious and spiritual mind.

In this spiritual interpretation of the Sun, we have to remind ourselves the powerful energy we feel when we put our faces towards it. Instantly we can feel the warmth.

The Sun houses the creative attributes of the Creator, when they connect to a ‘seed’, they instantly manifest. We are all aware of this and the evidence is but a metre away. So in other words the Sun is the instigator and if we put the right thing like a seed, the energies will ignite and make a connection. Then in an instant the creative properties become into action. Further reading is suggested to understand germination.

However, what happens when a positive minded person comes into contact with the Sun. He faces the Sun and closes his eyes and concentrates, we remind you that a prolong exposure is harmful due to sunburn on the skin; When that person concentrates he absorbs the creative attributes that the Sun houses inside. With regular practice he is also able to make a connection and find the secret knowledge too.

A positive person then will become revitalise and his energy levels will increase, as the Sun has millions of creative attributes which we are able to absorb.

But if a negative minded person faces the sun, he will just absorb the warmth, the lowest of the Sun’s attributes. He will not make a connection as his mind lacks any awareness and belief. Instead he will become tired quickly as instead of gaining energy he will start losing it.

A negative or person who lacks any belief system will not be able to receive any vibrational frequencies that house the creative wisdom. These people often crave for the Sun and regularly go sunbathing. Unbeknown to them it is the Sun that is trying to inspire them to make a connection; again they go out sunbathing totally unaware of the call.

The Sun too has a consciousness and wisdom, and is there as part of the planets creative process of evolution of the planet; its role whether third dimensional or spiritual is huge.

We remind that the Sun has all the knowledge of creation inside its consciousness and is there as a teacher to serve mankind.

Those who are able to communicate, we suggest you connect with it and learn about the universe and its role.

Oh mankind do not block the sunlight from your houses but embrace it; in contemplation absorb its power inside of you and then listen to the voice and learn.

Everything is alive and is there to be connected with, whether it is a pebble to a mountain. The Creator made everything with a consciousness so that mankind is able to find oneself and come back to the source of creation. Wisdom can come from unlikeliest sources, so be open minded and be silent.

Your mother; urging you to start a project of intense learning of the wisdom of the universe.