EA166 - Togetherness


Hello Son,


When many minds work together and have a common goal, the universe and the energies will then become active and begin to entertain these thoughts and manifest.

This togetherness is what is missing and delays any progress from the planets collective consciousness. If we all have a common goal and spread this word, then plans can be done quickly.

There are occasions when the collective consciousness was still in denial and the Ascended Masters could not go ahead with their plans for moving forward and into ascension.

Remember, it is your freewill which we are fulfilling, if this continues to be in denial then situations in your life will serve you to wake up quickly.

Mother Earth and the Creator wish that 2012 be the year of ascension; this will go ahead. Yet many still doubt and leave themselves open to the turmoil’s of the material world; when they should be listening and following to their inner guidance.

If this is the case then more experiences will follow quickly until you understand. This could be challenging but not need be; do you want difficultly in your remaining lives or happiness?

We all gladly chose happiness, so it is wise and healthy if you stop quarrelling, work together and seek the truth. This is accelerating but not fast enough.

We ask you all to spread the word of truth and the plans that will unfold quickly in the coming months. Talk openly, spread the knowledge and awake others; the evidence is everywhere in whatever field of interest you follow.

Through the path of the Creator you will find the happiness that will not cease but multiply exponentially.

Your mother; through the change of the collective consciousness mankind will make the necessary changes into the fifth dimension.