EA165 - The Transitional Period


Hello Son,

The Transitional Period

This year will go by very quickly as time is accelerating to the unity point; when we will merge from duality to singularity, there is no doubt the evidence is everywhere.

This whole transitional period will cause changes to everyone’s lives and to more than others. We need to be patient and be reminded that help is coming from all corners of the galaxy and within.

Some will argue strongly about these changes to your innerselves in finding the truth that was deviously kept away from you. But there is no need, but seek out the truth in your stride and help each other.

There are many relationships that are tested over this period as some awake more than others, it is your own responsibility in how you deal with them, but the Creator is wise and accepts no blame in whatever decisions you make, but be mindful of what you say and do to others.

Your mind is also accelerating as you are able to make decisions quickly and instinctively, this is because you are all accepting the light which is encompassing the planet and feeding everyone.

If you wish to progress further then accept all the changes, good or bad, so that your final journey can be completed quickly. However, some will still need to go through further experiences as ordained by the Creator, as he plans for some of you in the next realm of reality.

As you tap into this inner guidance you will realise quickly that you are being guided, so follow this path and listen, then listen again to your surroundings. Signs are everywhere and will be given in different ways, in images and past scenes of your life.

Many will find they are beginning to understand and feel inside that what they are doing is right; they will automatically disown the things they use to do as they absorb more and more this new energy.

Mankind do not waste this time as it is golden.

Your mother; feel the energy within and listen to others who speak from the heart and instinctly make you feel good.