EA164 - Energised


Hello Son,


When we meet someone we often gauge opinions and occasionally feel their energy. In some cases a person can be totally lifted by a presence. This is because everyone emits an energy that’s feeds the atmosphere.

When we visit a city, or place we can feel the energy and give accurate judgement of the atmosphere, whether good or bad, we do this all the time.

Every person is a generator and an emitter of energy; this energy is based around a person’s mood, personality and polarity.  Their surroundings and also their interactions with others can also have an effect with their energy.

However, when we are able to control our emotions during challenging times and are quickly able to go back to balance; we then emit the same passive and inspirational energies in our surroundings.

Mankind has regularly gone on holidays, vacations and trips for this very reason to recharge our batteries. We say this saying over and over again because it is true; we actually do feel better inside and we react differently with others when we come back from a vacation.

When you feel lonely, everyone should change their scenery and go out.

Interactions with others are necessary to maintain the balance in ones mind and of others; we are not designed to stay by ourselves. We tap into each other's emotions and are able to be energised quite frequently.

This has always been the Creators plan to mix with cultures and learn from each other. Through these experiences our evolution of the soul can be completed.

There is much to learn and it is advisable to seek out your own personal goals and spiritual knowledge.

Your mother; mankind learn with each other, and support the ones that need help.