EA163 - High Path is the Truth

Hello Son,

High Path is the Truth
Every moment living on Earth is a challenge to stay in the positive light, as some people think. However, most of you have experienced a sudden change in behaviour of others as compassion and kindness is felt by all; even what they say and do there is an immense outpouring of love.
Many have a necessity to change themselves and the things that they do, as though everyone is doing this all over the world. This is because the collective consciousness is moving towards a peaceful and serene life. We are all aware of this sudden change and we now have this inbuilt desire to do something positive.
Every day more and more people are finding their purpose in life as though their focus has changed. They have also experienced that the higher path to the Creator has become easier. This is because they are living life in truth and simplicity. They are being conscious of what they do and say.
This sudden evolutionary change of consciousness is the direct result of energies opening up in phases during the past years.
Now it is wise to stay on this higher path in your life and work. Because you are now the beacon of light and you will have an enormous effect of others. So be the pioneer of change and reinforce your positive roots firmly to the ground.
The truth is easier to follow as deceit multiplies rapidly as we hide other false words and alibis to make up the lies that some are living. This truthful path is giving rise to peace and harmony all around the world.
This cleansing of the soul is multiplying as more and more people begin to understand; it is like they are a giant satellite dish beaming out harmonic frequencies to the world.
Your presence is making a difference and this cannot be denied; so stay on the path and make a difference to all you have contact with.
Your mother; the moment of change is coming soon.