EA162 - Finding Your Solace or Harmony


Hello Son,

Finding Your Solace or Harmony

Ask yourself this question, why does every religion or belief system have a form of worship?

Why have these religions made it important as part of their identity?

It does not matter which country or what part of the world you are from, the Creator is everywhere and he has made worship for a purpose. This is to guide you away from the third dimensional turbulent zone of chaos.

Mankind cannot be connected permanently to this realm without the Creator’s connection. In simple words if we do not connect to him regularly we risk ourselves injury to the darkness of this realm.

Let’s not call it worship, but connection, because this is what exactly it is. As it nourishes and cleanse away every impurity and thought, every time we sit, or pray, or read or meditate on the Creator.

This is necessary as without these moments of connection, our minds and lives become a game of chance; and we risk ourselves by playing in the dark. Our logic does not have the answers but it is the higher self that whispers ideas and inspirations when we are silent.

This is your solace, your peace, your harmony that you seek; so spend as much time as possible in whatever methods that you choose, the Creator will embrace any method as long as your focus is pure.

Embrace the belief that you have and feel it revitalising every thought and cell in your body. This is pure ecstasy and delight. Knowing that your Lord is guiding you through all of the changes to come; He is the best of all planners and there is no doubt.

If you find Him through writing then write, He embraces all of your ideas and is calling out your name regularly so that you too can find the treasures of this life.

Your mother; in silence I found the truth that there is a higher energy and wisdom that encompasses every living, non living entity and creation. I surrendered to this force and sat down to learn.