EA161 - Darkness into Light then Awaken


Hello Son,

Darkness into Light then Awaken

So many of you cry out why nothing is happening to yourselves and you search endlessly looking for answers.

There is no need, as the answers are already here.

This realm is based around experiences which mankind thrives upon regardless whether it be good or bad; as these are the very experiences which are necessary for your path to ascension.

Mankind needs to go through experiences to awaken and it is why you question yourselves. There are many lessons to be learnt by all, by each other and by sharing. So value each challenge good or bad as part of your growth of your personal spiritual life. They are priceless as they will ignite the explosion of chatter inside your mind, to endless answers from your higher self.

This is your moment of triumph; as you share a tear and ponder your next decision, I pray that the Creator give you the extra strength to rise above and see through the veil that clouds your judgement.

Living through the moments of chaos is a reward in its self as you have not given up; so do not give up but rise above it and again and again. Remember always the victory of mankind.

These months will go quickly as long as you do not focus on challenging moments in your life. Why should you? As you know they are short lived and that it is only to bring out the best of you.

If we do no understand these examples of our lives and learn from these mistakes then they will keep on recurring. Search deeply and find peace in every moment, challenges and tasks; as they complete harmony in everything.

You are walking a path that is dark and then into light. You will definitely awaken to a unified point of existence; and this will be the end of all experiences. This is your graduation, you have made it. Now walk into this light and receive the heaven that awaits you.

This is worth the darkest moments and every tear that you shed in your lives, because you graduate it from this third dimension. Praise and give thanks to the Lord of all Universes, who is forever rewarding in everything you do.

Your mother; through turmoil and my own tears I do understand the confusion, but it was all worth it as the Creator sat down by my side and explained each moment to why this had happened. You will too go through this phase, shedding every veil of darkness into infinite understanding.