EA160 - Seeking Perfection


Hello Son,

Seeking Perfection

Your were created to recognise perfection through the senses and the third eye. The Creator fashioned you from clay for the sole purpose that He be recognised and His attributes be marvelled and appreciated.

This thought purpose is ingrained in everyone’s DNA, there is no doubt. Even in our everyday life we seek to be praised in the things that we do or say. This appreciation goes back to the first encounter when Adam met his Creator.

Perfection is a high spiritual quality that makes a person above another in whatever field or walk of life he pursues. It is a quality that many want to be. It is the very reason that mankind should be seeking the highest award when they complete something to the best of their ability. Never settle for second best; why should you in the first place after a challenging life in over dozens of reincarnations to reaching this time period?

Oh mankind seek and find through examples what perfection is and then follow these very examples. Because God is perfect in every way and He has thought of everything to the tiniest detail. So when you follow the path of light and into a perfect and refined state, you too can recognise what beauty is and all of its qualities.

This is an easier path and a lot easier then settling for second best, as many will criticise something which is not right or imperfect. When something is done correctly the opportunity to criticise will not be there, but it will be replaced by praise.

When praise is given to something, the attributes flood the area and multiplies into other qualities, for instance love. Then other people will praise again and again, harmonising the area and ridding it of any negativity.

It is negativity that darkens the mind and pollutes the atmosphere.

Walk the path knowing that it is perfection of your mind, body and soul; that is the goal and quest of all of mankind.

Your path is your own unique one, be proud of that as you sit in silence and concentrate on this.

Your mother; in life there are examples in every field of perfection and in beauty too.