EA159 - Surrendering to Yourself


Hello Son,

Surrendering to Yourself

Mankind can be lost in the material world full of temptation and luring gifts, thinking that this is our heaven or paradise. For centuries of years this is the environment we have been accustomed to and never once thought that existence in the higher realms could be possible.

But, what are the higher realms; the Saints, Prophets and the wise scholars are
referring to? Why in all the Holy Books; in every religion it mentions to surrender to God or oneself, but why has this been mentioned and repeated so many times over and over again.

In the basic foundation of these words, lies the most important translation and that is to find oneself. Yes we have mentioned over and over again, but there is a need to share more words with you all.

Oh mankind, peace can never be achieved inside when we do not accept our higherself first; as our guide and the Creator as our supreme Master. This is stopping so many people from progressing into your journey.

Yet so many right now are saying, I do believe, I believe in the unseen world and the soul, I believe in the Creator and all of the Holy Books.

Oh mankind I accept all of these words and more, yet I need to ask you all, why are so many of you not able to find peace within yourself and the world you live?

Yet you also cry out that you have found peace, and then I say, why is it so short lived?

Oh mankind peace can only be achieved when you are happy with yourself and have forgiven your past deeds; because this is a special time when your past chattering memories need to be left alone or even disposed off. When this is done and you are able to move on, then everywhere you look you should be able to find this inner peace.

It does not matter if there is still chaos in the world and even closer to you, you will instantly find sanctuary of your own self; this inner haven that is close to your higher self we call the God self. It does not matter what stage of awakening your are. If you are able to snap out a difficult situation without being so stressful or even upset then you have conquered the personality of the ego.

This emotional roller coaster never goes away as there is always a lingering memory or situation that is pulling you away. I say to you all, toss it away in your mind, and say to yourself, I am going to a higher dimension and these memories that are pulling me away are going to be forgotten for ever, so I need not worry.

Find this inner peace, this inner sanctuary of the mind and be lost in the world of higher spiritual thought that will elevate you into a realm filled with the love of the Creator.

Surrender to yourself and trust yourself too, learn to forgive and move on.

Think of the bigger picture, which is your own personal goal or even the fifth dimensional realm, which is mankind’s victory.

Your mother; I give you all the sweet essence of these words with all my love; may the Creator embrace all of you.