EA158 - Practice Something Creative


Hello Son,

Practice Something Creative

There is so much energy in the planet which needs to be harnessed and put to good use. This energy is full of inspiring ideas and love.

We have mentioned in an earlier channelling that it is important to get rid of routine that has made mankind into a robot. On this occasion it is better to start with something creative.

As you do this, you absorb the creative energies at this time and this will permeate inside the cells further. A simple task of drawing, composing music, organising a room or other things that is creative, is needed.

Happiness and love is needed in all of our lives and when we do not receive this then, we slip back into silence and over thinking; which in turn makes us miserable. So any change of scene or creativity is needed to balance the mind and next to move it forward to positivity.

Oh mankind this is your time so look after your vessel of mind, body and soul; this is important so achieve all the desires like a child led to a toy store to pick anything he wants. Yes it is important that excitement and mystery is still there in your lives.

There is no need to be serious but have fun in this holiday period and be mindful at the same time.

These fun vibrations will ripple through the whole world and positive energies will circulate and be absorbed by anybody you meet. So take time out and be happy.

When meditating direct your energies inward and let it absorb and feed the body; then let this energy revitalise and boost all your immune system. Then focus on the Creator as you sit in silence, let the energies of peace and love, circulate around you.

Your mother; let the new energies flood inside of you giving a tonic that will inspire you to do something positive and that this energy be absorbed into the hearts of others; as you carry on with your life.