EA157 - Merging into Oneness


Hello Son,

Merging into Oneness

As you focus more and more on yourself and accept that the real you is the soul; and that real knowledge of all the cosmos and all dimensions lives in the realm of the higher self; that access is granted. When you are ready this knowledge is given to you as a reward. Accepting that the holder of this wisdom is the Creator; you will merge together in oneness of the self.

This merging of mind, body and soul is the harmony that is needed for mankind to learn about all knowledge and attributes of the Divine.

This harmony of the true self will give rise to wisdom and instinct never experienced before.

Each time we stop and concentrate and focus our thoughts, we practice the skills needed to merge with in. This is an important task whether you experience anything at all or not.

Stopping the flow of unwanted distractions and focusing will help everyone to merge into oneness. In fact when this is practiced you receive instant inspiration, whether you accept this or not, is up to you.

This merging and silencing the chattering of the mind gives rise to peace and opens the key to all truths. We have mentioned this in an earlier channelling, so that you are reminded again.

Time is needed each day for you to rid the body of the pollution of the third dimensional realm. Even your own body is yearning to meet its Creator and is advising you each day to up grade yourselves and receive the light.

This pollution is made up of worries, past memories, stress and other negative emotions. This stops anyone from progressing. However, as soon as we tap into the source we begin to understand; this also includes when you read or research something.

It is time when each day you practice raising your vibrations as energy around the globe is increasing. You are winning the battle of yourself as you merge each day into oneness and complete harmony and love.

A million words can be written, but be assured that you are winning this battle; so go through this door and accept all the challenges that are left. You promised to yourself to be at this time to experience this wonderful event, you actually volunteered. This is the final chapter as you finally become aware each day.

Let yourself go and do not resist the stubbornness of the ego and free your mind and merge into oneness.

Your mother; advising you all to spend as much time as possible, in concentration.