EA156 - Experience


Hello Son,


An eye witness to a case is the ultimate truth of a crime and there is no doubt.

This is also true when we experience an event or a task; this is the highest form of learning. This is completion of any learning to its final chapter. If we compare this with theory, we will never understand fully unless it has gone through all of the senses the Creator has given to mankind.

The ultimate experiences in our lifetime are to live through and experience all that is laid down in our life. It is only then we truly begin to understand all the challenges in life and even when we sit down and analyse them in detail.

All learning whether be a subject in school, when a person sits down and carries out the operation, for example, solving equations, only then the senses live through the processes and begin to decipher and work out the solution.

This is also true when a person experiences a dream or in a dream state, a scene which he has gone through. He will feel as though he was truly there and alive, such is the intensity of the images.

All your experiences are valuable and give rise to further inspiration and understanding. In turn further expansion and awareness of the self. There is a greater need to understand the soul then ever before because the key lies there.

The Divine path is through the soul and understanding by living out our own experiences. Wake up and keep waking up.

All your new tasks are to experience the spiritual knowledge through the senses.

Your mother; who experienced knowledge in all of the dimensions through her senses.