EA155 - Concentration


Hello Son,


If a person is puzzled and wants to know something, he concentrates on the subject and listens to his mind. A chattering of ideas will fill the mind.  He then entertains these thoughts and works out a solution and even an action to fulfil and complete his task.

This is quite common and happens to everyone and needs to be reminded that these attributes are there to be used by all, given by the Creator.

To focus is a necessary and compulsory action for all concerned, without this useful tool we would not be able to carry out anything without this action.

Oh mankind concentration and focusing on tasks, questions or learning is the next necessary phase in your evolution. Your thinking over the years has changed and this includes instinct and learning. Even ideas come naturally as your mind is flooding you with suggestions and pushing you into a new direction.

This is because the higherself has new insight to guide you further. This new chattering is spiritual and should not be confused when chattering and thinking about daily things done over time in your life.

Create a desire and a need and watch your mind churn inspirational ideas. There will be excitement and instant energy; as you will receive an instant boost to your energy levels to carryout each task

It does matter if you just think them through of ideas in the future, it is a positive intention. These intensions will lead you to further ideas.

The scientists and philosophers of this era and old were brilliant thinkers, who simply sat down and thought things through. They kept doing this over time and analysed and worked out difficult formulae and theorem. This is because they made a connection to their higherself.

It did not matter if they believed in the Creator or not, the process is open to all and they tapped the knowledge within themselves. They were able to write huge volumes of work, simply through concentration and immense desire to learn further.
Oh mankind enrich yourselves and there is so much knowledge you can learn, this will wake up further your dormant mind.

Knowledge lights the darkness and inspires and enriches every cell within and into action.

Darkness only fades out the light and further into chaos because of the lack of understanding. It never feeds but only slowly destroys the mind and into nothingness.

Learn and learn again the truth.

Your mother; learn to concentrate and find the solutions for yourselves so you too can guide others to the path.