EA154 - The First Steps Must Be Yours


Hello Son,

The First Steps Must Be Yours

The Universal Laws only come into operation when an action and intention is made.

In my lifetime regularly people use to ring me about all sorts of issues and how many times they prayed to God to alleviate their problems. But what they did not understand is that, yes I did pray for all of them, but in turn they needed to make decisions; so that whatever they needed came into action through the Universal Laws.

I advise them all to do something to make it happen, but sadly on some occasions, due to intense stress, some just sat and waited for things to happen around them. On occasions they were helped by others and even Divine intervention. However, many cases remained exactly the same.

For example, when a person is ill, there is certain guideline he must follow to make himself better; depending on how serious his problem is, these things can be sorted out; whether lengthy treatment or quick Aspirin/paracetemol or other medicines are available.

But we must be reminded the action came from yourself by grabbing the medicine you needed. Because of this the problem was solved.

I have given an example of illness but the principle is exactly the same no matter what you do.

If you want to learn anything, the first steps must be yours, and then the universe will provide for you. This must be made clear as the Creator has decreed that greater effort is needed from every individual to conquer themselves and move into the fifth dimensional realm.

The Creator also wants to make clear that all the processes have been made easier to make a smooth transition.

Your mother; a need is only a need if it is not carried out and planned; however action makes things into form.