EA153 - Spirits and Other Spirits


Hello Son,

Spirits and Other Spirits

Your existence is made up of countless interactions with others and millions of emotions generated by these moments; we call this experience.

In our life time we will meet, some for a short time; spirits and other spirits in our journey in this world. There is a reason, and that is to experience and learn, so that we can build upon the next journey into the fifth dimensional world.

So value each situation, task, journey and deep emotion as this is a part of you that is waking up. To focus on this, is everyone’s destiny; as this is freedom within.

Many people we come into contact with give off and develop different types of emotional energies. We remind you again it is part of our life to experience as much as possible to truly understand the words of the Divine and why he has created us for and for what purpose.

These people in your everyday life, is to bring the best of you; and bring you back into the higher path of compassion and love. These higher emotions will lead you to further understanding of yourselves. So do not think of people less than yourselves as they are part of your journey and maybe they are the ones to help you accelerate your learning.

There is nothing we are truly aware of, so accept other spirits as part of a bigger picture.

You have to marvel and even pinch yourselves on how much you have learnt and understand now. See how much you are accelerating to the Divine path of true existence. There should be nothing to make you feel lesser than others, so stand tall and be counted with the rest.

Oh mankind you deserve the best for yourselves as the reward is finally coming your way, so spread the word and be not disappointed.

Your mother, you have all found the path that will guide you to your own wealth inside of you, through the inner heart of wisdom and compassion through knowledge and experience.