EA152 - Accepting Disappointments


Hello Son,

Accepting Disappointments

If you want to walk the higher path then mankind should accept that some things are not meant to be.

We are totally unaware of what happens next in any situation, each second of a day or even what action to take. There are so many dark or hidden areas that we cannot see in everyone’s lives, this the Creator has kept this secret to avoid complacency and limit the ego.

When we are confronted with a situation that does not come to plan, we must seek immediately to our inner guidance and thoughts to take the next action. It is suggested that we do not lament or be disappointed when things have not gone our way. Simply dismiss them and carry on as normal.

This approach is the higher path as you avoid bringing upon yourselves negativity and the emotions associated with this.

The path which you follow is only known to the Creator and a select few Masters and Ascended Masters; and it is they who know what is best in any event in your lives. Given any situation some things can limit your progress and acceleration to the Divine and to the fifth dimension; it is the very reason disappointments are quite common.

The higher path and higher thinking is getting along with everything that is placed in front of you.

To believe is to accept everything and everyone as part of a Divine plan that is part of your scene in your life. That moment in life is to inspire and ignite the flame to higher thinking, and avoiding the lower vibrations all together.

Listen to the calls inside of you and listen again to the instructions and advice from your higher self or higher consciousness. This is the God particle or God self that you are all here in this third dimensional world to learn from. There is no doubt that there is a higher being that runs our lives, without this we will fall into ruin and complete depravation.

Go with the flow of running water that keeps flowing and spreading into streams and branches out into another void. Giving nourishment and life into areas where there were none.

This is the expanse of your mind and the energies and Divine wisdom that is inspiring everyone who spends time with themselves. Those who spend time wisely is in silence or in meditation. The energies are flooding into everyone at this time and connecting with them is the next target.

The higher path is to accept that the third dimensional system we have led for so long is now to be updated to a newer and improved fifth dimensional one: To also accept that we need to move into this light; to understand and comprehend how to live and bide by the rules to govern our own destiny in this newer realm of existence.

Words can be said in many ways but the meaning would be the same; follow the path of the soul and meet everyone on the way, good or bad; as they are all for you to make you experience all the emotions and attributes of the Creator.

When we find this path and so many of you have, jubilation and peace will overtake you and disappointments will mean nothing; as a continuous smile will rule your life.

Your mother; it is sooner tha you think or do you want to postpone events that will bring happiness to your life, Seek the higher path in everything you do and say; it is wise to do so.

May love find the way.