EA151 - Tapping into the High or Low Energies


Hello Son,

Tapping into the High or Low Energies

To understand ourselves and move quickly into ascension, we must understand how we think and draw our energies from.

Mankind rarely looks upon himself in detail and assumes instead to be a perfect creation above all others. This statement is only true when he has reached enlightenment; otherwise he will struggle along life with the other creations not knowing what is around the corner.

This is a lesson on how we attract energies from the cosmos and surroundings;

There are two types of energies high and low. How we think determines which type of energy we absorb into ourselves. If we constantly worry, doubt, or even stress then a lesser energy vibration will permeate inside the body. A person will also draw to himself people of similar vibrations as oneself.

A person will attract the same polarity as another with the same vibration, and if a person continues in this state then he will continue to attract lesser things. In fact his choices he makes will also be inferior as he does not see the benefits of superior things. His whole concept and understanding becomes less if we compare a person who thinks positively.

This low vibrational energy caused by inferior thinking and a lack of firm beliefs can lead to a person being further away from the spiritual path.

In my life on Earth I received many phone calls with people saying that they have done nothing wrong in their lives and wanted to know why they were suffering anxiety attacks. I am aware that not all cases are the same and that there were some genuine illnesses; however, majority of those people had a low expectation and were constantly thinking negatively about life in general.

Because of this mental approach they drew into themselves negative and low vibrations and all that associated with energy. They could see that it was the way they thought had led them to their own predicament. Happiness arrives when we think above the low vibrational thought and accept that; everything is according to a Divine plan and we are only playing the scene in a movie.

But we must also remember that on our shoulders are two angels recording the actions of what we do in our life; so this statement is only 50% true, because mankind has the authority through one's choices to change the images and scenes of his own movie by making correct choices.

Mankind cannot progress or make huge leaps into spirituality until he accepts that it is himself that is hindering his own process due to his own thought processes and how he perceives things around himself.

He will not be able to attract the high energy of understanding because the vessel inside is constantly drawing on inferior options, judgements or actions. Until he changes his approach then and only then will he be able to draw positive and superior levels of understanding.

What do you advise?

By selecting the best according to one's own means will he be able to retrain himself and start making the first steps into the spiritual path. One has to first think about his actions and judgements he makes; simply choosing the best for himself is the way.

When he makes this into a habit his thinking will change and he will immediately attract positive energies. His whole life will change immediately and he will become more active, due to the infinite power of superior energies he draws from the surroundings. His body frame work will repel any negativity away and he will not even notice this.

Love and happiness will be his character and peace and calmness will overtake him. Time will be given to him to learn and the whole universe will bow down to the person and even run to his aid when needed. This is the reward the Creator  has for every person who wishes to be positive in life and be thankful.

Oh mankind draw the positive energies and believe in the last days before the change.

You are all special and are loved by all; think wisely of these words and be positive.

Your mother, due to your positive actions you are able to understand and find the source to questions of life and its challenges. Now move further forward to find further truths.