EA150 - Mother Earth is Ready


Hello Son,

Mother Earth is Ready

Ascension should have taken place in 1992, but it was postponed to 2002. But again ascension did not occur and it was delayed by another ten years until now, 2012.

These delays were the result of the Ascended Masters of that time; who pleaded to the Creator on behalf of the people who were awake at that time; so more time could be given.

This extension and increase of energy by the Creator who accelerated the people's learning and awakening, has now hit critical mass. This means that mankind has reached a majority as more and more people are beginning to realise the truth.

Mother Earth is too ready, and wishes to go back to its former glory and beauty and has sent a signal to the Creator for further instructions.

Now it is the matter for the Creator to give the final command and the carefully planned operation can take place.

Many people around the world are reaching or becoming closer to a crystalline state which signifies the start of entry to the fifth dimensional realm. As a person reaches this state the energy levels increase daily as a settling down period is needed before they can use their new found powers and instinct.

Every person reaching this state will have an enormous influence of there surrounding vibrations; it is wise to be careful in every action you take..

These people too have a role to play to awake others.

Sacrifice your time for others and stay on the path of good.

Your mother; patience and an open mind is needed to clear the old karma from your bodies.