EA149 - Switch Off the TV


Hello Son,

Switch Off the TV

There are routines in our daily lives that have led mankind into an endless circle of distractions. These distractions have been purposely and carefully planned to keep you away, from constructive time with your families and finding the path to your Creator.

Yet we are aware of this but we are still drawn to entertainment that lead to short term satisfaction.

This is the time to spend with your families and friends in this holiday period of Easter. It is advisable that targets should be made and goals to be achieved.

Routines with little input from ourselves and higher consciousness, have made mankind into robots. However, many around the world have made incredible strides in their awakening by destroying their routines and creating new ones.

By switching off the TV you will find that time will become endless; there are so many things that can be done, from decorating to gardening. These chores are all creative they inspire the mind, and waken the dormant energy within. It will also rid the drowsiness associated with routines.

Being strict with yourself in this routine; you will find so many things and chores around the house can be done that have been waiting for attention. Even time for friends and old relationships can be improved when we make the effort. All will find a new outlook to life and wisdom when a routine is rid of.

Though we do accept it is necessary to keep up with the world and that TV is an essential part of education; however, too much of anything then it can be damming to the brain.

Your channeller Shazi will be active during this time so keep informed through the website and stay in contact with this source. This is a routine that should be kept and made extra time made to rekindle the light inside.

Your mother; it is the time to wake up again and see the world around with a different eyes and keep learning and searching for further truths.