EA148 - Make Time Your Own


Hello Son,

Make Time Your Own

Around the world everyone is feeling as though they have no time to do things and if they do they always run out of time. They are feeling as though that time is accelerating so fast that people are not able to reflect clearly about the things they do.

Yes time is accelerating as we approach the unity point where all time lines; past, present and future merge.

However, mankind can still use their time effectively and wisely. The Laws of the Universe still apply and when anyone uses time positively or for a good purpose then time is give back to you. But there are some occasions when it is necessary to let the course of time take place.

With a positive affirmation, that is read daily; things will slow down and we will have a positive effect. We will be able to experience what we should experience and receive the benefits.

This is what we experience; but the correct interpretation is that we accelerate to match the frequency of time; hence we do not lose the experience of time lost to do something.

You can make time our own as long as it is a positive action.

Think consciously that you will not run out of time and keep the task inside ones head in whatever you want to do. Then exactly you will be able to satisfactorily finish off whatever you are doing.

Oh mankind there is a lot to do in a short space of time, before ascension into the fifth dimensional realm; yet so many are sitting down and waiting. Things are not going to fall into your lap; so raise your vibrations and connect with the Lord of the Universe; let things happen to you and keep positive.

Your mother, spend time wisely and you will all get it back and even more to complete other tasks.