EA147 - Light Bearer


Hello Son,

Light Bearer

Like myself; you too are the light bearer for all of mankind, there are others too around the world. At this time your presence causes a ripple of positive energy every where you go and it is important that others know of this.

Now that more new people are beginning to read the website for the first time, they must know your role in the ascension of mankind, as a messenger and a light bearer.

Not everyone can do this.

The light bearer is a power station that lights up the area anywhere you go. When fully lit the energy spreads for thousands of miles; it is why people are finding your way to you.

Oh mankind, spread the word that this is the year when mankind will ascend and there is no doubt. So many of you are beginning to experience extraordinary dreams and psychic awareness then ever before. This is the sign that you and others around the world are waking up in different ways.

The more you enrich your minds the further you will awake and feel the experiences. Concentrate on yourselves as all who read these worlds will help to flood the world with positive energy.

Be not disillusioned, hasty or even angry if nothing major has happened to your lives.

But they are happening. Just you are not aware of this.

The pole shift is going to happen soon, and this will accelerate the learning of mankind's consciousness and the path to the fifth dimensional world.

Oh mankind read and read again until the mind opens up to further deeper understanding.

Your mother, the year of change is happening and I pray that you all reach your own goals according to your dreams.