EA146 - Staying in the Light


Hello Son,

Staying in the Light

With so many people around the world who have still yet to wake up, the world is still turbulent depending on the area you live. So when we come across these types of people, they are emitting a lower vibration than someone who is awake.

This lower vibration of ignorance makes them totally unaware of other people’s emotions, they are simply blind as they are asleep and viewing the world with a different pair of eyes.

When there are a lot in the same region, then chaos, unsettledness and disorganisation will rule. There life is run by their own emotions and with their higher consciousness, which is on a daily basis, trying to communicate with them.

The Creator does not ignore the plight of any person but communicates with them immediately; but if our tuning is not correct then we can get either no messages or an incomplete message. This is down to our interpretation and ego which regularly denies the word of God, by doubting.

Oh mankind, stay in the light if chaos rules your area, by meditating, channelling, going out, visiting family and friends. Stay where there is positivity, otherwise it will occur regularly in your life.

We do accept that this can be challenging and simply things cannot disappear. If this is the case then pray to the Creator and ask for help, and then leave the rest to take care of things. At the same time look for inspiration or signs that ignite your thoughts to ideas that you had not thought of.

Your mother; the Creator is wise and caring and He wishes that all will wake up quickly so that everyone will move into the light.