EA145 - You Attract what You Need


Hello Son,

You Attract what You Need

The needs and wants of life come from you and it attracts to you as soon as you wake up. If your motives are genuine and not filled with greed then many things will happen all at the same time. It is you that has attracted it.

This is beyond anything that the world has to offer, which I mean is, good intentions.

A pure heart filled with kindness and charity attracts good fortune whenever you go or do; the Creator shines his light and rewards you every time and everyday; Because you attracted towards it, whether you are aware of it or not.

The Creator knows your needs and provides what is best for the period, even though sometimes we do not understand or want even more, He knows what is best. If we accept this thought, then peace will fill our heads and the entire body will relax from all pressures.

Leave your heart open and trust the Lord Creator to provide for your everyday needs, all you have to do is search for the goal you want to do, whatever that may be, perhaps it is to reach the higher realms of the fifth dimension.

You will attract according to want you need, and it is the Creator who knows what is best for you.

Patience is necessary as some things take a little more time then others as they cannot happen immediately, but sometimes they can. Leave it to the Lord.

Your mind must be free, if not then change your scenery from time to time, by going out or doing things that will make you happy, but do not sit still, things will never happen like this.

Make things happen through good intentions and always give praise and thanks to the Lord of the entire universe, our Creator.

Always remember the Creator has no limits.

Your mother let patience and virtue fill your life with an everlasting peace and love wherever you go.