EA144 - Spiritual Abundance


Hello Son,

Spiritual Abundance

Our thoughts create our moods regularly, good or bad; we have to admit one's moods do change.

Spiritual abundance is too a thought but oneness with the Creator. When a person achieves this he becomes prosperous. But prosperous in this world is money, however in the spiritual world it is;

Love, peace, harmony, contentment, super consciousness and most importantly a connection. A connection through all these attributes of the Creator.

To wake up spiritually is to recognise that truth has finally overcome us and we immediately realise that there is a higher source in the universe which is taking care of mankind and everyone.

As soon as this acknowledgement is made, peace and tranquillity floods into our mind. These are the attributes bought down from the connection with this spiritual higher source. His is the gift or I should say one of many thousands to come your way.

If we look back a year again and evaluate one’s life, we can easily see how much we have learnt during this time. Not only that but knowledge is everywhere and at the fingertips, all one has to do is have the intention to learn; then immediately it floods in.

This is abundance in its true form; material wealth is no comparison. Having peace in one's mind is a treasure that everyone seeks and yet many disregard this marvel.

Remember it all starts from the mind.

The mind is the key.

Our thoughts make all the difference because it is the connection with the universe that gets the ball rolling. So if you think that all life is doom and gloom then it is this that you will attract.

However, if you are more positive and have a hopeful outlook on life then abundance and prosperity will follow.

If it is a spiritual link that you are after then again it is the mindset that get things rolling. No matter what circumstance has fallen your way, make life work for you and keep your beliefs positive.

Once you accept this thought pattern regularly and adopt it as your daily ritual then, things will happen quickly for you. As it is ordained and decreed by the Creator, if you seek then you shall find whatever you are focusing upon.

The heart of the matter is, patience and not giving up as soon as something collapses or a misfortune comes your way. Instead replace it with a positive thought, for instance, perhaps I can learn something with this bad luck or misfortune.

The mind is the key, we repeat again so that you say an affirmation regularly that you are happy and it is going to be a great day.

Then let abundance take over, followed by love, peace, satisfaction, this will follow soon afterwards.

You are all the master of your own thoughts and your lives. Let it work for you and ask for help whenever you wish, as the Lord is always listening. He has never left your side for a minute, but walked with you all your life.

We the Ascended Masters admire your courage through the challenging times and the moments you have broke down and cried. Your tears are our tears but things are changing for the better.

Your mother; through courage and patience reward always follow; love to all of you who read these sacred words.