EA143 - Mind Language


Hello Son,

Mind Language

Mankind is made from one formula we call ‘Adam’, and we have the same functional mind as the rest of the population.

The mind has its own language through images which pop into our heads regularly when we take, think or do an action. We are aware of this and some people act on this better then others when they are making an action or doing a job. However others can get themselves confused and start dismissing these symbolic images both from our minds in our dreams.

If we think about them deeply we can conclude that they are the foundation of our thinking before we do any action. This language of the mind is mankind’s key to a better understanding of how knowledge of the universe and the Creator is understood.

It is like learning the alphabet before we read the book.

Most people are getting a better understanding now than a decade ago as we research about spiritual knowledge and its truth.

Wisdom always follows when a subject is better understood and looked at through a different pair of eyes.

Every day images and messages or even voices are sent to the mind for interpreting for you to make an action. These messages are there for you to make a correct judgement as mankind is unaware of their future circumstances. This is the mercy and love from the Creator who forever guides us every second of the day.

Some people receive inspiration from watching nature or simply being alert in their life and waiting for something to unfold. When it does then we get a burst of energy and immediately come into action.

A prayer should follow by a person being alert in his life and waiting for something to unfold in his mind or life; or simply being alert to an answer that can come in any form possible then making an action to fulfil the second part of this prayer.

Your mother; to understand oneself is to understand your own mind language and acting upon it to the full.