EA142 - Focus


Hello Son,


Mankind is bound to the universal laws that govern the Creator’s energy into action and motion. These multiple actions from our thoughts change our lives and how we perceive things.

In an earlier channelling we have mentioned life as thoughts and the actions that we take in our daily lives. But if our thoughts are scattered or stressed then we lack focus to get things done because these energies do not come into form or better described as, they do not materialised.

Thoughts are the catalyst and foundation of the planetary cosmos; it is the ether that permeates the layer of energy. When we think of something strongly, we instantly plug into this energy and the universe provides for our needs.

This is how miracles happen, but a person must have a very strong and selfless belief to this to happen. The prophets gained their trust with the Creator and were able to harness these energies to distribute the knowledge and word of God to the population.

As soon as we regularly connect to this energy, good things will come your way and your lives will change. But as soon as we do anything negative or become tense and stressful, the mind becomes polluted and loose focus; this does not help our cause. A person will then make a wrong judgement as he thinks that he is doing the right thing.

Oh mankind, the Creator through the prophets has made meditation as the best form for focusing ones mind. The fifth dimensional world is the reward for you all and we should start thinking ahead and look forward to this heaven. Meditation is the exercise and the catalyst for making the connection easier to the universe and the higher self.

Many of you are doing this daily however, we loose focus as situations become challenging in life. But remember to go back into balance by focus on good thoughts or reminding yourself and your personal goals.

On a positive note, focusing helps us to connect with ourselves and more importantly understand how we operate and function as a person. We readily say time and time again that we want to better and understand people or oneself. But how can we do this when we do not understand ourselves and the needs to make us happy.

We often get confused and choose a lower option like buying a materialistic object, thinking it will make us happy, but soon get bored and we go back to the same shopping cycle over and over again.

Eternal happiness is the connection we make with the God self or higher consciousness; as this is pure energy that is above the third dimensional gravitational energy.

A caring nature and calming influence on others, helps the body to calm itself down quickly and into balance and focus. Mankind is now beginning to understand this and are going back to basics. Some are reading about the lives of the Prophets and other Saints to help their cause and a role model for them to copy.

When we adopt this in our lives then our innerself will unfold and reveal the treasure that lies inside our heart to the truth. It is waiting for you to understand and guide you through the next phase of the soul’s journey ever closely to paradise.

Your mother; advising mankind, to focus, by meditating and leaving the chaos of the world to one side, in your heart.