EA141 - Slow Motion


Hello Son,

Slow Motion

You are now realising the change within yourselves. This change in the mind is making you reflect in calmness. It is like slow motion when you analyse and workout things in detail.

You are realising that everyday is different and you can have an effect on your own surrounding, just by your thoughts. Today you said to yourself over and over again, like a mantra, ‘I am going to have a good day’; and you did.

Did we not say to you in an earlier channelling?

Things can change very quickly when you believe and will the changes onto yourself. Oh mankind, try this daily for yourselves and be clear what you want for the day.

Every day is different and every day is like a new awakening for those who stop, recollect their thoughts and view their own actions. The mind will reply to you and give advice where necessary of day’s events. This is your higher consciousness that is connecting with you now.

Oh mankind, there is nothing that is beyond you, so believe and stay positive and stay in the light. For it is increasing in this time period.

The month of March is sacred as the energy is flooding in; it is another wave that will ripple through the planet to awaken further your sleep and understanding.

Never before have had you all learnt so much, and it is getting easier to link things and make good judgements.

Be patient in difficult times and make connections with other people. We are supporting all of you and praying for immediate change in your personal and challenging circumstances; so try to smile and keep going.

Always remember you will win and move closely to the fifth dimensional world.

Your mother; in the lowest point there is hope of a change and in the excitement of love there is wisdom and control with order.