EA140 - Forget


Hello Son,


Forget the past woes of your lives;

Forget the times when you cried when you were sad and alone;

Forget the stress and the tension in your current time;

Forget the people who have upset you or keep on upsetting you;

Forget the mistakes and the errors;

Once you have forgotten you will move closer to the light;

Once you have forgotten you will realise it is the Creator who judges all;

Once you have forgotten and realise  the past are just scenarios full of experiences;

Once you have forgotten then you will be lifted towards the higher realms of existence;

Now move on with your life;

Now move and be brave;

Now do not dwell but make positive contributions for yourselves;

Now work together in harmony and stay in peace;

Now live with the third dimensional beings in harmony;

But always remember that the world is changing;

But always remember the world around is collapsing;

But always remember that the trials of life are for you to learn from;

But always remember you have passed your final re-incarnation;

It is time for you to shine;

It is time for you to move into the fifth dimensional world;

It is time for you to sit in silence;

It is time for you to escape the noise of the third dimensional world;

It is time  to meditate and to connect with your higher consciousness;

So forget your troubles and soon they will be no more, and this will be replaced with laughter.

Your mother on several times daily in her life I too had to forget my worries and tensions to communicate with my higher self and the Creator.