EA139 - Everyone’s Different


Hello Son,

Everyone’s Different

Oh mankind, we monitor your prayers, we as the Ascended Masters are doing all we can to speed up the process so that paradise will come to you on Earth.

On occasions in your daily activities, things can bring you down and emotions turbulent. Be brave as you have realised each day can be different; but keep hopeful knowing things are changing as we speak.

When we communicate with someone or give advice, sometimes it can be challenging when advising something to someone. As everyone is different and they think differently. This is because their upbringing and beliefs is different from yours. It is why when you talk to someone they do not give the same reaction as you would expect.

But you are not to know so don’t be disheartened if things sometimes do not go the way you have planned or expected. People often react to things differently and again it is impossible to tell what reaction they would give. Keep your intentions pure then in time things will change.

Do not expect anything from anybody as it is the Creator that makes things happen. It is His energy that makes a person believe or do an action; but you are not to know.

Slowly and ever so near, the collective consciousness of mankind will change and soon everyone will move to the fifth dimension and have the same frequency of understanding. Peace will overcome these people and it is you this is going to happen; so do not worry about life’s events as they will always be turbulent on occasions.

From time to time distance yourselves from these chaotic situations and go into meditation or in silent contemplation.

Your mother; every moment is different leading to smiles or dismay or even despair; but the true will always go back to the source to seek their peace. This is the only peace mankind will achieve to the highest level when he has made a connection with the Creator. Through all our love we applaud you in your times of life’s turbulent ventures. Be at peace.