EA138 - You Decide Who You Wish to Connect to


Hello Son,

You Decide Who You Wish to Connect to

The Creator has made many paths that lead to Him and understanding; consequently you decide which path you wish to take and connect to. Nothing is wrong in His eyes but everything is right because He created all what seen and not seen.

As mankind awakens some have began to talk to animals or pets and they can actually here them talk. This is through telepathy and reaching and catching the frequency of the animal. They begin to communicate and seek knowledge from them.

Many are beginning to accept that everything is alive and even whole cities have a consciousness that is waiting to be talked to.

The plants and trees and even a single leaf has a conscious awakening and further knowledge to be tapped into. Everything is secretly coming alive as the Creator has left knowledge everywhere that you see.

Even a speck of dust you can learn from as the Creator has bestowed His power and attributes to this speck.

Expand your mind and accept that you can learn from anything and anyone. His knowledge is vast and no individual or entity or creation cannot house this. So go out regularly and embrace nature and the creatures and everything what you see.

Greet them regularly and in time they will communicate with you and help you on your goal in your personal lives.

Oh mankind, the Creator wishes that you start seeking the knowledge and finding out how the universe actually works.

This is better for you and your surroundings.

So you decide which teachers you wish to learn from; many the better.

Your mother; who learnt from stars, planets and every creature that came her way.