EA136 - Seeing in a Different Way


Hello Son,

Seeing in a Different Way

As you wake up more and more, life will become meaningless but it is important to comeback to the thought that life is important for you. It is part of growing emotions and experiences that have made you what you are.

You will begin to see life in a different way, as each time ideas will flood in because your perception and instinct is awake. You will feel differently than before.

As your mental instinct and wisdom is made to connect to your higherself, knowledge will slowly be revealed to you in phases.

These phases are photons of light entering your consciousness and feeding the ego and identity to a higher you. During meditation, mantra reading and in silence, raising ones consciousness will open the sight of your third eye.

When we spend time improving ourselves in whatever method, we will open further to the truth.

This is moment of awakening, it is the moment you should give personal targets and ask the Creator in prayers, what do you actually want. It is suggested that you believe in this wholeheartedly as time are short as the window of spiritual opportunity has opened for everyone.

Oh mankind, you have done well so far to get to this time period, it is through your wise soul who opted to be here now, so go through the path and see what you will find.

These words have weight behind them.

Whole families should be thinking the same way for ascension; they cannot do this if they continue to keep quiet. Remember the Creator is edging you further and asking you to make these choices. They are good choices and it will benefit you immensely.

Personal spiritual growth is the way forward and once a person has accepted this, life will become easier as many have found out.

You will see life with a different pair of eyes and peace will overtake you; a gift from the Creator.

Your mother who too struggled through life and accepted that a higher force was missing in hers’. The soul that guided her, the way and continues to do so.