EA135 - The New Adventure


Hello Son,

The New Adventure

The next phase is coming soon in this month of March. This intense energy will awaken further the people who wish to ascend into the fifth dimension and those who will wake up for the first time.

To many it will be a shock to find that they have been lied to and they will also realise that others have been awake for years. Many will face a dilemma and a crisis within themselves of coming to terms of themselves and others.

Many will immediately seek for the truth as you all once did and realise that they are the last ones to know. Emotional upheaval will be felt and will come to turns that they would need continuous guidance to get through the changes.

For those who are already awake, it will be a new adventure and experiences will come their way very quickly.  It is these souls who continue to perfect themselves and have carried on raising their vibrations.

They will feel as though a veil has been lifted and peace will overtake them. They will be able to control their own emotions and finally accept that life is just a chapter of a journey for the soul and that there are further chapters to be read and completed.

It is this thought that will lead them to further truths of their won personal venture.

However, some will still battle themselves and ask the question, why me? They will struggle on fighting their own emotions thinking that they and others like them have been forgotten by everybody.

But the answer should be that you are special and the Creator is lifting you during your challenging and stressful time. Yes it is you that are special and these moments will be revealed, why you went through the life that you did.

Oh mankind, be patient as we watch all of you in admiration and ask that you finally accept all your personal lives as it is and not to fight or shout out in vain the Lords name.

Every experience you are going through is leading you higher up the ladder of spiritual enlightenment and it is wonderful where you are going.

Your mother through tolerance and acceptance the light will increase and spread through all the cells of the body; to show and reveal the truth to you. You are forever loved by the Creator.