EA134 - Awakened Souls


Hello Son,

Awakened Souls

It is time to meet other like souls who are awake like you, it is time to share the energies and make a new connection with them. Energies will then expand and multiply and rapidly you will feel the difference.

Sharing each other knowledge and what is to come, will overcome the loneliness that some of you feel at this time. This unnecessary silence needs to be changed to sharing and more support for each other.

Other awakened souls will instantly feel the same way and have the wisdom to understand the changes within you.

Be your own teacher and do not be led by others but yourselves; but do ask advice to those who share the light and wisdom. Remember everything is within as you will always be the teacher and the student for the rest of your existence.

The Creator wishes you all that you meet regularly and share the knowledge that you have. What you know is like a drop of an ocean and every person has different levels of understanding. Their minds are not alike so what they have inside is different too.

Many are beginning to harmonise their thoughts and beginning to accelerate their learning to a point of focus. They too have been through the same emotions as you during their time on Earth.

It is the reason why the Creator made mankind to live in groups and share/ support each other. This interaction is the balance that is needed to survive stress free on this planet.

There is not a moment that goes by on the planet where some one is talking to another. This is greatly needed.

Your mother, complete silence is unnecessary but a smile is needed between each other.